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5 Simple Tips on Mowing Your Lawn

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Nothing is more essential to the health of your lawn than proper mowing. There are 5 simple tips as a way to make a big difference.

1.  Cut your garden to a height of approximately 7.5 cms. (3 inches). This is particularly crucial in the heat of the summer season and for shade lawns. This longer height encourages deep root growth and creates shade that inhibits weed seed germination. The shade from taller grass could be very essential. Studies have shown that a dense grass cover mowed at 7.5 cms. Can manage crabgrass populations through 80%. short mowing heights are the number one cause of weak grass and weak grass provides the excellent opportunity for weeds to invade.

2.  Cut no more than one-third of the grass blade at any one time to keep away from removing too much of the functioning green leaf.

3.  Keep the mower blade well sharpened to avoid tearing the grass blade. Tearing makes the grass extra liable to disease.

4.  Mulch your clippings and leave them on the garden. Mulched clippings provide moisture, improve the ability of your lawn to preserve water and therefore reduce watering needs.

Mulched clippings recycle nutrients back into the soil and may provide up to one-third of the nitrogen necessities of a garden. Leaving mulched clippings for your lawn saves time, reduces water consumption and saves money on fertilizer. Mulch mowing makes a crucial contribution to solving waste disposal troubles as about 18% of the garbage that is going into landfills in North America is grass clippings.

5.  Cut the garden when it needs it only. in the spring your garden will need mowing every week. Throughout the warmth of the summer season, the grass slows its increase and mowing can be decreased to once every two weeks.

Dormancy is your lawn’s self-protection measure as temperatures rise. keep away from forcing growth through fertilizing or over watering and certainly do not cut your grass and stress it more. A healthy lawn can tolerate dormancy for up to 6 weeks without harm and could readily green up again with fall rains.

Avoid pulling your lawn in and out of dormancy as this will critically weaken the lawn. Grass growth will slow and accelerate as weather dictates, so it is difficult to predict an exact schedule. Reducing frequency may increase again with the fall rains.

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Andrea Myers

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Thanks for these great front yard landscaping tips. I would have liked to see more in the way of images, but that's alright. We do want to make our front yard look nice and we'll be sure to keep these tips in mind. This page (https://carveyourcreation.com/small-front-yard-landscaping-ideas), talks about enhancing the look with stone, flowering plants, potted plants, etc, similar to what you say here. These are definitely things that I'm going to focus on right now. Thanks again!

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